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    The NPA is well known for its events and training seminars, providing a minimum of three free events per month covering such topics as: Development; Pre-Production; Production; Post-Production; Marketing, Distribution and Exhibition; Financing; Sales & Packaging; Film Taxation; Co-Production; Cannes Survival and advice, Copyright; Music Licensing; New Technologies; Legal issues.

    The monthly programme includes:

    • Masterclasses with high-profile industry figures
    • Seminars and practical workshops on a wide range of film related topics
    • Numerous networking opportunities to meet other like-minded filmmakers, directors and share information
    • Monthly preview screenings of British films, classic movies and members' features and shorts

    NPA Event Booking Policy

    Booking requests are accepted via email and over the phone,
    No request, receieved by email or by phone, is confirmed until a written confirmation is sent by the NPA.
    Confirmation letters must be shown at the event.
    All requests for bookings must contain in the body of the email full name, npa member number, contact phone number & email