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    Current Events Training
    April 2005

    The Poet
    - Screening - 11th April

    Producer Training Part 8- Location, Shoot, Health & Safety - 12th April

    NPA Shorts Awards Night - 16th April

    NPA screen writing courses: Screenlab 3 - 16th April
    Pitching for Cannes - 26th April

    May 2005

    NPA @ Cannes

    June 2005

    Producer Training Part 9 - Post-Production & Edit - 14th June

    The Poet - Screening

    Preceded by NPA Shorts film winners.

    Dir by Paul Hills (NPA Trustee)

    Date: 11th April 2005 Time: 6pm-7pm Venue: The Hospital Covent Garden (24 Endell Street, London, WC2)

    Paul Hills will afterwards do a candid Q&A about his nightmare experience directing this film.

    £10.00 non-NP/£8.00 SW members
    Free NPA members

    Producer Training Part 8- Location, Shoot, Health & Safety

    Date: Tuesday 12th April Time: 7pm Sharp! Venue: Berners Hotel

    Concentrating on the shoot itself. We will be looking at location issues such as health and safety, Police matters and liaising with the Borough film officers. Also on the agenda will be insurance issues and solving practical location problems.
    With so much work already taken care of, you would be advised to pay attention to these matters, alongside other potential pitfalls such as catering, working with stunts and making sure you have enough of the right kind of on set photographs to make your shoot as beneficial to you in the long term as possible.
    What is the detailed role of the location manager / line producer / and production manager on the set?. What does the 1st / 2nd AD's take responsibility for and how do you work with the HOD's to ensure a smooth shoot?.

    Bookings will be taken from 17th March.

    NPA Shorts Awards Night

    Date: Tuesday April 19th Time: 7pm Venue: Screen 1, UGC, Shaftesbury Avenue

    FREE TO ALL! Which talented NPA Film Maker will walk away with the £26,000 in prizes? Join us on this very special evening to celebrate the amazing talents of NPA Film makers. 12 short films, selected over the last 12 months are competing for prizes valued at over £26,000 as well as the opportunity to have their film screened in Cannes next month. But you know all that - the excitement is finding out who the winners will be. There will be two prizes - the first decided by an independent industry panel and an npa members audience award. So come along and vote for the best short film from an NPA member over the last 12 months.

    With thanks to our event sponsors - UGC, Panasonic, Panavision, Kodak, Dazzle, Chris Jones.

    Thank you to all members who sent your films into this competition and to all members who came along to the screenings each month to suppoer the monthly winner.

    To book - Email:

    NPA screenwriting courses provided by Screenwriters
    Workshop and Screenlab:
    Screenlab 3 Freeing the imagination - First Draft

    Date: Sat April 16th Time: 10:30pm - 17:30pm With: Charles Harris

    We'll get you ready to write the first (or next) draft with practical exercises, clips, discussions of tone and style and feedback - whether you are writing the script yourself, rewriting it, or working with another writer as director, producer or co-writer.

    £75 Non-members - £65 NPA/SW members

    To book - Email:

    Pitching for Cannes

    Date: Tuesday April 26th Time: 15:00 - 17:00 Venue: NPA Film Centre, 1.07 56 Shoredich High Street E1 6JJ (Closest Tube: Liverpool Street)

    With Cannes just around the corner are your pitching skills sharp enough to "cut it" at the biggest show in town? With thousands of filmmakers descending on Cannes the competition is tough - make sure you and your pitch are prepared to go the distance. To help you prepare NPA is hosting a 2 1/2 hour pitching tutorial to assist you get your pitch where it needs to be. NPA CEO David Castro will coach film makers in what makes a pitch work including tips on technique and what to avoid.

    Spaces limited to 25

    £20.00 Non-NPA Members - £10 NPA members

    To book - Email:

    NPA@ Cannes

    NPA/Kodak Reception

    Date: Monday 16th May Time: TBC Venue: Kodak Pavillion, Cannes

    More details to follow shortly. NPA will be hosting other events at Cannes TBA. We will also have a daily presence in the Kodak Pavillion.
    Passes for the Kodak Pavilion will be available from the NPA office in April.

    Producer Training Part 9 - Post-Production & Editing

    Date: Tuesday 14th June TBC Time: 7pm Sharp! Venue: Berners Hotel

    The final seminar in this year's program will address delivery requirements, post production decisions, sound, music copyright, special effects, completion funds as well as looking at what deals need to be made and when.