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    NINE POINT Producer Training

    The next Producer Training course begins in September. Visit our events page for details of current events and course dates.

    The NPA Nine Point Producer Training was created to actively stimulate the development of new filmmakers in the UK, equipping the next generation of British talent with the skills and information needed to enable them to compete within a world market. Designed to provide the new film producer with a thorough grounding in every aspect of feature producing from initial idea through to completion and final delivery.

    Each month over a ten month period, the Producer Training delivers seminars and lectures followed by open discussions with invited speakers and panel members from within the film industry. Working with a structured syllabus, this course aims to encourage professional practice in the entertainment industry, through the encouragement of four key elements of a producer's skills base:

    • the use of creative thought
    • the development of good business acumen
    • the development of communication skills and industry relationships
    • the development of an understanding of the film craft and its technology

    The Producer Training covers nine areas, they are: Point One - Industry Overview and Introduction to Producer Training; Point Two - Career and Company Development; Point Three - Pitching and Packaging; Point Four - Concepts and Script; Point Five - Business, Legals and Finance; Point Six - Formats and Technologies; Point Seven - Finance, Contracts and Deals; Point Eight - Production; Point Nine - Post-Production.